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My general philosophy in life is not to overcomplicate things. I learned early in life that the simplest answer is usually the best answer. Whether it comes to my family, my music, or my job, I strive for the simplest most effective way to accomplish a positive outcome and grow from it. 2 years ago, I moved with my family to Cedar Falls to simplify our lives. Coming from a city we loved, it was a tough choice, but Iowa and Cedar Falls offered us something more. Better schools, more progressive child health care, the opportunity for our family to have only one parent working full time so the other could care for the kids, a less hectic schedule, a more family oriented life with more time, and overall, a simpler and better life for our family.

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A strong, thriving city is one with happy citizens. Citizens are happy when they feel their government is open minded, listening and representing their best interests. I vow to listen and represent to the best of my ability.


Vote Simon Harding City Councilman, Ward 4, Cedar Falls, Iowa.


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My goals as a councilman for ward 4 are simple

A councilman’s first identity is as a listener. It is imperative to listen to the citizens, business owners, other council members and anyone else with helpful information. Representation is not possible without understanding what the people want, the proper information to make decisions, and listening to all possibilities.


A councilman’s second identity is as a representative. Taking the information learned from listening, specifically the people in your ward, and representing their best interests. It is impossible to represent anyone but your own self interests if you don’t listen intently to the citizens.


When honest listening and representation are combined, the result is positive change. Transparency, understanding, open communication, listening, and representation are all simple, strong ideas that can be improved in the City of Cedar Falls. I strongly believe improving this will usher in positive change.




The citizens have a right to know what the city is planning and how it will be executed. Policies should be laid out concisely with plans on how they will be implemented before the council votes on it.

Proper policy implementation

Making sure policies don't change behind the scenes without council and public consent.

Fiscal Responsibility

With large decisions around the corner that can be expensive, like the wastewater treatment plant, we need to make sure we look at all the options and make smart decisions.

PSO Platform

Remove the current PSO program and put in place a 3-5 year plan to get back to separate police and fire programs.

Healthy development

Making sure we focus on the heart of our wards and the city as a whole with responsible development. Development is great and I fully support it, but developing too fast or irresponsibly can quickly cause many issues for areas.

Supporting Local Business

To support and grow local business in my ward, as well as around the city, by meeting with, listening to and helping envision the future with the business owners.

Earlier agendas

Working towards having the agenda available to the public and council members 1 to 2 weeks earlier so there is ample time to study and hear what the people have to say.

Strengthening government citizen relations through communication

Working on making city government to citizen communication easier and more effective by having ward meetings 3 to 4 times a year as well as amending the public forum portion of the city council meetings to allow for more of a dialogue.  

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